Aces Up

The of Up is to move all suited EXCEPT the to the foundation .  Check for any cards of the same suit, for example the 3 of and the 8 of .  You can move the lower of these two to the foundation stack by double clicking the you want to move.

·         Once the 3 of diamonds is in the foundation stack, you can also move the 8 of diamonds to the stack.

·         Once you have no more moves, click on the deal stack to get a new batch of cards.


Continue to eliminate cards of the same suit from lowest to highest rank, keep in mind that you can’t eliminate the Aces.


·         If you have an , you can move any top card to that column provided the move can be made.

·         The best move to make is to get an to the top of the column.

·         You can only move the Ace card if it is sitting on top of the column, not placed underneath another card.

·         Remember, the object of the is to move all cards EXCEPT the Aces to the .


·         The game is over and you have won if you can get all cards to the foundation pile and have the remaining 4 aces sitting in each column.

·         There is no re-deal in this game, once you have gone through your initial stack of cards, you must with what you have.

·         You lose if you have more than the 4 Aces remaining on the table.

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