Baker’s Solitaire

The is to move all your suited to the right starting from and ending with King.

In this version of solitaire you can place the same color on top of another.  For example you may place a on top of a red King. You may only card at a time rather than moving a column as you would in traditional solitaire. (Use when choosing which cards to move as after you have moved you are unable to move that card back.)

When you start the screen will look like this:


Try and find all your and move them to the right hand columns. As you come upon cards that you can move to their respective on the right, you can simply click that card and it will automatically be moved to the on the right hand side.

Remember you can move a black suited card to another black suited card as same color suited cards are not an issue with this .  Keep in mind that you can only move one card at a time rather than a column of cards. Take time to look at your deck.  You want to make sure any card you move to get to an Ace or a card you need will not end the for you.  If there is an you are unable to move any cards there, such as in the original solitaire game.

Even though you have all your Aces moved and cards are available to move you still may be stuck:


If you run out of to move you may have to start over again until you can get all the cards moved. Try and build up each column as much as possible using the King card. As you dwindle down your cards you will be able to get through the game quicker and all the moves will become easier.  This game takes some skill and a lot of .   Congratulations, you’ve won!


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