Flower Garden Solitaire

Object of the :   To build up four columns in suit ending in the King .  With Solitaire only one card can be moved at a time. This version of solitaire relies heavily on skill.

When you first begin Flower Garden Solitaire your screen may look like this:


There are a few other versions that may look different but the game is still played the same.

First you will need to find and retrieve all of your .  As some of the are behind some of the other they may be hard to get to since you can only card at a time. When you move a suit you do not need to worry about the , regardless of suit a card can be placed on any suited card.  You may not move a whole column at any time throughout this game, regardless of if you have it built in the correct order.

The game is called Flower Garden because the cards are meant to look like a .  Once you have your Aces in the you can start to build the rest of your suited cards.  Only the top card in the columns can be moved so is needed when you this game.  You can also pull from the column of cards underneath the foundations.


Continue to move the suits up in to the columns, double clicking on the card will send the suit you choose up to one of the columns.   Once a foundation has been cleared you can move an available .  Once you move a King to an you can then build that foundation and also move cards up to the columns in order to win your game.

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