Klondike Solitaire

Solitaire is very similar to classic solitaire.  The object of this is to stack all the cards in the from Ace to King.  When you stack the cards they must be in opposite each time.

When you first start your game you want to try and find as many Ace cards as you can, usually the first one can be hard to find and sometimes it’s one of the first cards you see.

Once you find an ACE you can double click it and it will be sent up to one of the 4 columns in the upper right hand corner:


Once you find an Ace you can start building your .  (Remember they have to be in opposite colors and ascending from the to the King card.)

You can start adding cards in each column as well, you can stacks to other columns as long as they are in the correct order and color.


Even though you can stack some columns with the you may get stumped.  Sometimes there are no available moves left and you will have to restart your game.

You can also go through the deal stack in the to try and find cards to use.


When you have gathered most of the and are able to add cards to the stacks in the upper right corner the game will become easier to win.

You will soon run out of cards from the deal stack and then piling your stacks up will be a breeze.

Once you have been dealt all the cards you can double click the cards and add them to the column in the upper right hand corner.  Make sure you click each card in the right order.

Once they are all added you have aced the game!

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